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My name is Jack Williams and I am a licensed architect in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My work ranges from College and University Work to Nursing Homes and Private Residences. I don't have a particular style and have an appreciation for both Modern and Traditional Architecture.


My love of Architecture comes from a few places I recall from my childhood. My Dad was very much a tinkerer and fixer. My Mom was always a people person and always on the move. I like to think I am a little bit of both of them.  I enjoy engaging with people and interpreting their stories into a build environment.


Outside Architecture, I have an affinity for sketching and using technology.  I also enjoy travel, cooking (but not baking) and some amateur mixology. I am also highly entertained by my two kids, who are growing up far too fast.


Design and Visualization Capabilities:

Freehand Sketches

Computer Modeling in multiple programs

Color Renderings

Interior Design and Finish Selection


Construction Expertise:


SIP (Insulated Panel) Construction

Timber Framing

Steel Framing

Masonry Bearing and Concrete Construction

LEED Certified Buildings and Sustainable Design

Geothermal Systems

Historic Detailing & Construction

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